Jay Campbell on Fri, 2 Jan 2009 11:59:53 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] [s-d] Assignments of Consultations 179-187

Of course, CONSISTENT means they don't exist, and thus aren't in the
possession of Nobody. So your argument and your reasoning are mutually

Nothing in the rules says my arguments and my conclusions have to agree. They serve different purposes.

(I don't think this should be a Paradox, but I do think judging it as
Charles did is silly.)

I submit a proposal titled "Delay PARADOX Wins" {

Prepend to the Trigger for "Win By Paradox" the sentence "The current nweek is higher than 156."

/* We're in 154 now, so 2+ nweeks to de-paradox ourselves before granting wins */


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