Daniel Lepage on Thu, 25 Jan 2007 18:23:53 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Answering Consultation 2

I Answer Consultation Number 2 with the answer TRUE.

Note that Consultation 2 is a bit poorly worded, in that it takes a  
bit of effort to construe the question as one which permits a true/ 
false reply; by TRUE I really mean yes, but "yes" isn't an option.  
Consultation 1 has a similar problem.

Anyway, my ruling is that element change actions are rule tag actions  
on the grounds that the only reasonable way I can think of to define  
the game of ruletag is as the subgame described by section 4, and  
element changing is in section 4. The official reasoning is below.

One observation: This consultation doesn't affect the current game  
anyway, because Antonio did eir element change on the public forum.


== Consultation Number 2 ==

=== Question ===
Is it valid for an element change action to be submitted privately to  
the rule tag moderator?

=== Answer ===
TRUE (really, YES)

=== Involved Players ===
Supplicant: Optional
Unbeliever: Peter
Priest: Wonko

=== Reasoning of Supplicant ===

Rule 4-1 states: {{Players may change their element with an "element  
change" game action.}}

Rule 4-2 states: {{A "rule tag action" is a game action which forms  
part of the game of rule tag.}}
and also: {{All rule tag actions may be made by emailing the rule tag  
moderator with a subject line starting "[rule tag]"}}

The key issue appears to be, is an element change action a rule tag  

Here is a list of all the other rule tag actions:
"Rule tag move"
"Rule tag grab"
"Rule tag drop"

The "element change" action is not specifically limited to the game  
of rule tag.  All the other actions cannot apply to anything else but  
the rule tag "board".

It also appears to the supplicant that if element change was a rule  
tag action, it would be called "rule tag element change"; and be in  
rule 4-2.

However, the supplicant doesn't care either way particularly, so long  
as we have a ruling on the question.

=== Reasoning of Priest ===

First of all, I dismiss the second-to-last sentence of the  
plaintiff's reasoning. Nothing in the rules requires that rule tag  
actions contain the string "rule tag" or appear in rule 4-2.

The actual definition of a rule tag action is ambiguous, because  
nothing adequately defines "the game of rule tag". Therefore I judge  
that the best possible interpretation of "the game of rule tag" is  
"the subgame defined by the rules in the section entitled 'Rule Tag'".

It follows that a "rule tag action" is any action defined by a rule  
in section 4 of the ruleset; since elemental changing is defined in  
rule 4-1, changing one's element is a Rule Tag Action and thus can be  
performed by privately notifying the moderator.

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