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Re: [s-b] 114.9 Administrator's Update - Voting Starting

[[Thanks for the clock stop Peter.]]

My votes are these:

45      Transactional Proposals  Peter
FOR    [[Maybe not the best way of clarifying this, but good enough.]]

46      Thrids                   Peter
AGAINST  [[Sorry - just don't have the time to play like this.]]

47      Virtual particles        bd
AGAINST  [[although I have nothing against having some other
pointy-thing working this way...]]

48      Generalized Victory      Wonko
FOR  [[although slightly suprised that this prop doesn't change 2-3.
We still have to wait a week between wins!]]

49      More Ways to Win         Wonko

50      Anyone care for Dessert? Wonko
FOR  [[now thats my kind of nomic.]]

51      wtf                      The Dave
AGAINST  [[no-one should play with voting rights.   ...errm, unless
they were joking.]]

52      RFJ system, take 2       Antonio
FOR   [[although I wish the silly names were a bit more easy to remember]]

53      The Zeroth Addendum      Triller
AGAINST   [[negative points breaks nothing so far AFAICS]]

54      Tags                     comex
FOR   [[room for expansion there.  lots of fun, too.]]

55      Rule Tag                 Optional

56      the formatting prop      comex
FOR  [[oh go on then, since it's just the once.  Note, though, that
[[this is a comment]] and ==this isn't== ]]

57      supreme antoniocracy     Antonio

58      Proposal Fix             Wonko
AGAINST   [[since the emergency changes trump it]]

59      New Numbers              Wonko
FOR  [[::scratches head:: anything to make the rules funnier, I guess...]]

60      days have a name too     Antonio
FOR  [[::scratches head:: anything to make the rules funnier, I guess...]]

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