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[s-b] My first proposals of the New Era

I submit the following three proposals:

************************************ Proposal 1  

__Generalized Victory__

Change r2-3 in its entirety to read:
== Victory ==

Trophies are Game Objects. The number of Trophies held by a player is  
known as that player's Win Count. Players may only receive Trophies  
in accordance with this rule. Each Trophy has a description, which is  
a block of text describing what the Trophy looks like.

Victory Conditions are Game Documents.

Each Victory Condition has four parts:
* A Trigger: The event that must happen to cause someone to win, plus  
any required conditions on the gamestate.
* Protagonists: A clause defining which player(s) win.
* An Armageddon: A set of gamestate changes that happen when this  
condition takes effect (presumably that make it so that the condition  
is no longer satisfied).
* A Trophy: A description of the Trophy that is awarded to each Victor.

If the events in a Victory Condition's Trigger happen, then that  
Condition's Protagonists are each awarded a copy of the Condition's  
Trophy, and then the Condition's Armageddon happens.

Create the following Victory Condition:
=== Win By Points ===
Trigger: The number of points a player possesses becomes greater than  

Victor: The player with the greatest number of points, or all players  
tied for the greatest number of points.

Trophy: A gleaming steel rapier.

Armageddon: All points are destroyed.

************************************ Proposal 2  

__More Ways to Win__

Create the following three Victory Conditions:

=== Win By Dictatorship ===

Trigger: A rule is created whose text reads, in its entirety, "The  
player named X may change the gamestate in any way, at any time.",  
where X is replaced by the name of a current player.
Protagonist: The player whose name is in the aforementioned rule.
Trophy: A Jeweled Crown and Scepter.
Armageddon: None - the dictator could simply turn one off if there  
were one. However, it is considered good form for the dictator to  
close whatever loophole allowed em to become dictator, and then to  
repeal eir dictatorship.

=== Win By Legislative Dominance ===

Trigger: Three proposals made by the same player pass during the same  
nweek, and no proposals made by players other than that player pass  
during that nweek.
Protagonist: The aforementioned player.
Trophy: A Plush Bob the Voting Fish that recites the entire Ruleset  
when squeezed.
Armageddon: None

=== Win By Having Already Won ===

Trigger: A player wins via at least three different Victory  
Conditions during one nweek, and e has not won via this Victory  
Condition during that nweek.
Protagonist: The aforementioned player.
Trophy: A T-Shirt reading "I won B Nomic via at least three different  
Victory Conditions during an nweek, and had not won by the Win By  
Having Won condition during that nweek, and all I got was this stupid  
Armageddon: None

************************************ Proposal 3  

__Anyone care for Dessert?__

Create the following Victory Condition:

=== Win By Cookies ===
Trigger: The game enters a state where Game Objects called Cookies  
exist, and at least three players have more than twenty cookies each.
Protagonist: All players with at least one Gooey Caramel Cookie and  
no Ice Cream.
Trophy: A Red Clown Nose
Armageddon: All Desserts are destroyed.


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