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Re: [s-b] [s-d] whither sproingie.player?

Chuck Adams wrote:
> My listing on the main page doesn't show me with a Player property.
> Do I pass the turing test now that I've complained about this?
> --sproingie
> (P.S. There doesn't seem to be any rule providing for the definition
> of the Player object and the Player property either.  Am I overlooking
> it somewhere?)

[[ Properties are defined in 1-13. The 'player' property was given to 
all players by proposal, so presumably you joined after that. (Oops!) 
Players are defined in 1-4. ]]

I propose:
__Proposal to reduce redundancy (which will be reduced by passing this 

Grant each player currently possessing the property "Player" a new 
property "Third era pioneer".

Remove the property "Player" from all Players.

[[ The rules already define all players as being, well, players. We 
don't need a property backing that up. ]]
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