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[s-b] Amended proposal: Hard Rules

Amended proposal: "Hard rules"

[[This amends the voting rules to clarify the "all current votes" thing.]]

1) Change rule 2-2 to replace this paragraph:
{{When a Proposal becomes Historical, if there exist more players
whose Final Vote on that proposal was FOR than there exist players
whose Final Vote on that proposal was AGAINST, the Proposal Passes.}}
{{When a proposal becomes historical,  a "majority number" is
calculated by subtracting the final votes AGAINST from the final votes
FOR.  This is used to determine whether a proposal has passed.}}

2) Add a new rule titled "hard/soft":
{{Two types of rules exist: hard and soft.

Proposals changing or removing hard rules only pass if the majority
number is more than 75% of the total number of final votes that can be
cast on that proposal.

All other proposals pass if the majority number is positive.

A proposal is treated as "changing or removing hard rules" if, without
further vote by the players, it would cause a hard rule to be changed
or removed.

Changing a rule from hard to soft, or vice versa, is a normal part of
a rule change and is handled in exactly the same way - except that a
rule type can only ever be one of the two values "hard" or "soft".

If this rule conflicts with another rule or rules, this rule takes precedence.

[[I'm sure this could be circumvented.  But if players would like
certain rules to be more difficult (but not impossible) to change,
this is the mechanism.]]

3) Make the rule in (2) a hard rule.

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