Antonio on Mon, 27 Nov 2006 07:58:13 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Judgment, the actual proposal

Hello, I submit the following proposal:

Remove the sentence "The Administrator is the authority used to interpret the current state of the game." from rule 1-5.

Create a new rule called Judgement that reads as follows: 

===Request For Judgment===
Whenever there is disagreement as to the interpretation of the rules any player may submit a Request For Judgment (also called RFJ) as a Game Action.
RFJs are Game Documents that contain exactly one Statement, optionally some supporting Reasoning and optionally name a Player as Defendant for that RFJ.
RFJs automatically gain an RFJ Number upon submission. For each new RFJ, the RFJ number shall be equal to 001 or, if such Number is already in use, to the greatest existing RFJ Number incremented by one.
A RFJ is in one of the states of Pending, Accepted, Invalid and Resolved. A RFJ is initially Pending.

===Selecting the Judge===
Upon submission of an RFJ the Administrator shall as a Game Action select a Judge for that RFJ.
All Players that have voted in the last nweek, except the Player that submitted the RFJ, the Defendant if the RFJ names one, the Administrator and Players that have already been selected as Judges for that RFJ, are eligible for selection as Judges. If no Player is eligible, the Administrator is automatically selected as Judge.

===Stepping Down===
the Player selected as Judge may as a Game Action, step down from office, in this case, the RFJ becomes Pending (if it is not already) and a new Judge is selected by the Administrator.

===Accepting RFJs===
The selected Judge shall as a Game Action accept eir assigned RFJ by changing it's state to Accepted. 
The selected Judge may also change the RFJ's state to Invalid, if e considers the contained Statement to be unclear, ambiguous, or irrelevant.

===Rendering Judgment===
Once an RFJ is Accepted, the selected Judge shall as a Game Action render Judgment on it to the best of eir knowledge of the Rules. Judgment shall conform to these possibilities:
* TRUE: the statement contained in the RFJ is true.
* FALSE: the statement contained in the RFJ is false.
The Judge may also submit his own Reasoning, explaining how eir interpretation of the Rules has led to Judgment.
Once Judgment is rendered, the state of the RFJ becomes Resolved.

===The Whole Point===
Resolved RFJs shall guide further interpretation of the Rules.

===Automatic Reassignment===
At the end of each nweek, if a RFJ has been Accepted for a whole nweek the RFJ becomes Pending.
At the beginning of each nweek, if a RFJ is Pending the Administrator shall select a new Judge for that RFJ.
In the event that the clock is off, every 10 ndelays all Accepted RFJs become Pending and all Pending RFJs are reassigned to a new Judge.


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