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Re: [s-b] (proposal) Re: [s-d] Joining.

On 11/21/06, comex <comexk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 November 2006 4:46, Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:
> > Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:
> > > How about "", &#955;, or &#949;,
> >
> > Those last two were meant to be a lowercase lambda and epsilon, although
> > apparently my webmail client didn't deal with those very well.
> Now that I'm a player I submit a proposal:
> Quote Fun
> {{
> Add to rule 1-4 the following:
> {{
> For the purposes of uniquely identifying Players' names, the presence of any
> quote characters (") shall be disregarded.
> }}
> }}

One issue here is that there's nothing preventing a player's name from
containing quote characters. If this rule passed, then you could have
players named q{x"y} and q{xy} - but references to them would always
be ambiguous. Perhaps a better solution would be to restrict player
names to alphanumeric and whitespace characters, so that quoting would
be unambiguous where needed. As such, I submit the following proposal:

__Finite search space__

Append the following to rule 1-4:
Player names must consist of between 1 and 64 characters from the
following list:
* Letters of the alphabet
* Underscores (_), dashes (-), or apostrophes (')
* Decimal digits
* Spaces

For the purposes of identifying players, and determining uniqueness of
names, the following conventions are to be used:
* Uppercase letters are to be considered equivalent to their lowercase
counterparts, and vice-versa.
* Sequences of one or more consecutive spaces are to be considered identical.
* Leading or trailing sequences of spaces may be disregarded or introduced.

Where a player's name might be ambiguous with other grammatical forms,
it may be surrounded by double quote characters (") to differentiate
it from surrounding text.

Should any player names remain which are illegal or non-unique
according to rule 1-4, the Administrator shall change them to new,
unique, legal names, as determined by the guidelines in rule 1-4.
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