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Re: [s-b] (proposal) Re: Joining.

> Sorry to be picky, but is this an example or a proposal?
> If it's a proposal it's on the wrong list...
I just realized that...

I submit the following >-quoted proposal:

> __Infinite search space__
> If a proposal titled "Finite search space" passed, revert its change to
> rule 1-4.
> Append the following to rule 1-4:
> {{
> For the purposes of identifying players, and determining uniqueness of
> names, the following conventions are to be used:
> * Uppercase letters are to be considered equivalent to their lowercase
> counterparts, and vice-versa.
> * Spaces and double quote characters (") are to be considered equivalent to
> nothing.
> }}
> Should any player names remain which are illegal or non-unique
> according to rule 1-4, the Administrator shall change them to new,
> unique, legal names, as determined by the guidelines in rule 1-4.

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