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[s-b] [auto] Peter votes

Peter's votes:
Proposal 2017/3: King For A Day, V.3                      : No
Proposal 2020/2: Waterspout Clarification                 : Yes
Proposal 2021/3: Fixing Cinquains                         : Yes
Proposal 2022/0: Dead Man Walking                         : No
Proposal 2023/1: New Spells, v2                           : Yes
Proposal 2024/0: Thinning the Deck: Coding                : Yes
Proposal 2025/0: Thinning the Deck: Hand Jobs             : Yes
Proposal 2026/1: Arena update                             : Yes
Proposal 2027/1: Waterspout Clarification V2              : No
Proposal 2028/0: Tomatoey Vengeance For All               : Yes
Proposal 2029/0: Generic Tools                            : Shelve
What ever happened to "fleshing out this prop"? I like the idea, but it seems kinda silly on its own.

Proposal 2030/0: Card of DOOM! Clarification              : Yes
Proposal 2031/0: 7-card Stud                              : Yes
Proposal 2032/1: Applied Research Remains                 : Yes
Proposal 2033/0: Remanded to Upper House definition       : Yes
Proposal 2034/1: Consolidation of Time                    : Yes
I still want some kind of Writs of Delay for when we as players need to put everything on pause while we sort things out... But I'll just make that as my own prop next nweek.

Proposal 2035/0: The Knight - alright!                    : Shelve
I'm guessing this is supposed to be in a poetic form, but I'm not seeing which one offhand. 
And having it move as the piece it took seems a little ambiguous to me... Can it still move like a Knight? If it takes a Black Hole, does it start sucking up other pieces and isn't able to move?

Proposal 2036/0: A few changes                            : Yes
Proposal 2037/0: Justice System Reworking like Props      : Shelve
I think this probably still needs a couple tweaks that we'll discover over the next nweek. Or maybe I'm just being overly cautious when proposing changing the Nomic Justice System.

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