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[s-b] [auto] Peter votes

Peter's votes:
Proposal 2007/0: More Duties                              : No
Proposal 2015/0: A use for seals                          : Yes
Proposal 2016/0: Water goes away                          : Yes
Proposal 2017/0: King For a Day                           : No
Proposal 2018/1: Witchcraft                               : No
Proposal 2019/1: _Encheapening The Technologies_          : Abstain
Proposal 2020/0: Waterspout Clarification                 : Yes
Would changing "The Waterspout cost reduction may" to "It is possible for the Waterspout cost reduction to" fall under Executive Tidiness? If not, feel free to Shelve it and I'll amend it next nweek. (Other ideas for handling the "which ones get watered?" question are also welcome.)

Proposal 2021/0: Fixing Cinquains                         : Shelve
It looks to me like comments are excluded from the restrictions on line length and size, but not when calculating the number of points to distribute.

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