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[s-b] [auto] Wonko votes

Wonko's votes:
Proposal 2007/0: More Duties                              : No
This hasn't changed since last nweek.

Proposal 2015/0: A use for seals                          : Yes
Proposal 2016/0: Water goes away                          : Yes
Proposal 2017/0: King For a Day                           : Shelve
Who rolls the dice? Also, the "Destroy this to X" objects are a bit too powerful: "Destroy this to Award Wonko a Win. Otherwise, Award Wonko a Win anyway."

Proposal 2018/1: Witchcraft                               : Yes
Proposal 2019/1: _Encheapening The Technologies_          : Yes
Proposal 2020/0: Waterspout Clarification                 : Shelve
The last sentence seems to suggest that a Waterspout cannot be used to cover the full cost of a plant.

Proposal 2021/0: Fixing Cinquains                         : No
I don't particularly like Cinquains. I certainly don't want to encourage longer ones.

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