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[s-b] [auto] Wonko votes

Wonko's votes:
Proposal 2017/3: King For A Day, V.3                      : Yes
Proposal 2020/2: Waterspout Clarification                 : Yes
Though I confess that the only reason I prefer this one to RW's version is because this way I can plant and burn my 200 something Thorn seeds to get some bonus tildex :D

Proposal 2021/3: Fixing Cinquains                         : Yes
Though I would appreciate a Rectification changing the last sentence to end in "x is the total number of lines in the proposal, excluding lines containing only comments or line breaks, divided by 5", just because I find the ending "in the proposal divided by 5" a bit confusing.

Proposal 2022/0: Dead Man Walking                         : Yes
Proposal 2023/1: New Spells, v2                           : Yes
Proposal 2024/0: Thinning the Deck: Coding                : Yes
Proposal 2025/0: Thinning the Deck: Hand Jobs             : Yes
Proposal 2026/1: Arena update                             : Yes
Proposal 2027/1: Waterspout Clarification V2              : No
Peter's version is more economically friendly (to me, at least)

Proposal 2028/0: Tomatoey Vengeance For All               : Yes
Proposal 2029/0: Generic Tools                            : Yes
Proposal 2030/0: Card of DOOM! Clarification              : Yes
Proposal 2031/0: 7-card Stud                              : Yes
Proposal 2032/1: Applied Research Remains                 : Yes
Proposal 2033/0: Remanded to Upper House definition       : No
I prefer the precedent-established current version. And the proposed proplike version is even better.

Proposal 2034/1: Consolidation of Time                    : Yes
Proposal 2035/0: The Knight - alright!                    : Yes
Normally I'd Abstain, since I'm not much involved in the Board Game at the moment, but the rhymes are just so catchy.

Proposal 2036/0: A few changes                            : Yes
Proposal 2037/0: Justice System Reworking like Props      : Yes
Two future changes we might want to consider, though: I'd prefer that they didn't cost bandwidth, on the grounds that I fear somebody finding a loophole that destroys all bandwidth, and then we wouldn't be able to CFI things; We also might add another possible vote that indicates "I agree with the statement, but I dislike the Resolution"; perhaps a majority of such votes would cause it to be true, but would cause no Resolution.

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