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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 39 RESULTS

The Mentor Pool is updated: Glotmorf and BvS receive ten points each for
successfully mentoring The Voice and Bridgeweaver, respectively. Wild Card
is removed from the Mentor Pool. The as-yet-unnamed player will eventually
receive Orc as a Mentor, once e actually declares a name.
-I re-enter the Mentor Pool.-


Elections for the following are now concluded:
* Minister of Foreign Affairs (Ambassador) - Baron von Skippy wins.
  Of course, the office of Ambassador ceases to exist...
-So... am I Ambassador to Nomicron, then, or do we need another election for the post? If it's the former, I'll release a report soon. If the latter, bugger. I nominate myself for the position and cite my being a player as meeting the requirement. Whee.-

Barney moves. Orc tried to get away, but was yanked back by the justice
system. Orc, Barney. Barney, Orc. Hi. Say goodbye to twenty integrity from
that speeder. BvS' speeder is still Snuggled (-10 Integrity, it's in
pretty bad shape).
-I have plans for this one...-

At long last, the Clock turns back On. Today is nweek 40, nday 1. Four
nyears. I suddenly feel old.
-Par-tay! I claim a free Beer and drink it.-


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