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[Spoon-business] Good-bye, you purple fuzzy freak!

I sacrifice the Crazy Squid to make Barney Go Away.

Having done that, I perform the following actions:

I place myself on the Grid at (12,18).
I buy a Speeder, name it the Crazy Squid II, and have it appear at (12, 18).
I buy a Grain Gnome and a Water Gnome and merge them for a Beer Gnome.
I repeat the above step.
I buy a Water Gnome and merge it with my Herb Gnome for a Tea Gnome.
I squeeze the Beer Gnomes twice each for four Cans of Beer.
I squeeze the Tea Gnome twice for two Cups of Tea.
I merge one Beer Gnome and the Tea Gnome for a British Gnome.
I buy an Alien Gnome.
I merge the other Beer Gnome, the Alien Gnome, and the British Gnome for a Ford Prefect Gnome.
I squeeze the Ford Prefect Gnome twice for two towels.
I merge the Ford Prefect Gnome and the Crazy Squid II.
I drink all four Cans of Beer and both Teas.
I recycle all four Beer Cans in my possesion.
I get into the Crazy Squid II.
I warp to (20,17).
I purchase (20,18).
I buy an Earth Gnome, an Ice Gnome, and a Fire Gnome.
I declare my intent to forge a historical relic and destroy those three Gnomes to make an Ancient Monolith.

Total cost thus far:
60 points to vSOI
30 points to no one
300 BNS to no one

I recognize all of the above Gnome and BNS-based actions.

The following steps only occur if the creation of the Monolith was sucessful:

I pay 300 BNS to create an Entropy Harvester on top of the Monolith at (20,18).
I give all RUs in my possession to WBE.
I buy a KEMOSABE turret and six KEMOSABE missiles from WBE, and load them into my Speeder.
I dump 6 of my Entropy points into the Monolith.

I recognize the purchases.

Total cost if all steps were successful:
60 points to vSOI
30 points to no one
480 BNS to WBE
600 BNS to no one
WBE now has 1 RU.

A note: If people will deign to not blow up the Monolith, they may be interested in purchasing Cans of Whoopass. As I recall, you need one to start a Power Plant. So, let's see what we can arrange, shall we?


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