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[Spoon-business] Changing Ambassadors

I propose:

__Ambassadors Mark II__

Amend Rule 625.C.5 to read:

C.5. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs
There exist Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Each Minister of Foreign Affairs (known as the Ambassador to XXXX, where XXXX is the name of another Nomic) is in charge of maintaining contact with one other Nomic and facilitating diplomatic relations, open communication, and trade with that other Nomic. To be eligible for a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a player must be a member of another Nomic and be able to prove their membership if prompted.

Each nweek, each Ambassador must give a report of their activities as Ambassador on a public forum by the end of nday 7 of that nweek. Other players may rate the performance of the Ambassador on their ballot, on a scale of 1-10. The Ambassador is then paid the average of these ratings plus 10 points as eir salary. If no players rate the Ambassador's performance, e recieves 10 points as eir salary for that nweek.

C.5.1. The Head Ambassador
If an online multi-Nomic organization, board, council, game, or coalition exists, and B Nomic is aware of it and eligible to participate in it, but not currently participating in it, an election will be held for the office of Minister of Multigame Groupings, or Head Ambasador. The Head Ambassador's role is to represent B Nomic to any of these groups, promoting B Nomic's agenda and stance when possible. Each nweek, the Head Ambassador, if one exists, must submit a report of their actions as Head Ambassador over a public forum by nweek 7 of that nweek. Each nweek the Head Ambassador submits a report, they will be paid 20 points at the end of the nweek.

[[There, is that loosely enough stated? I think this is basically what people were saying. No real details - Ambassadors will make those up as they go along.]]


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