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Re: [Spoon-business] CFJ 1438

From: "Baron von Skippy" <baronvonskippy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I rule CFJ 1438 TRUE.

Reasoning: Movement in a speeder is defined as movement just like movement "on foot." Therefore, Mr. In a Spacesuit was unable to fly away from the Siren trapping him. I suggest that e either buy an IID, the use of which is not, in my opinion, normal movement, or Make Love to the Siren.


How exactly is IDD different from "moving"? The answe is, it causes the speeder to change location, which drags everything inside along with it. Same with 'normal' speeder movement. The only difference is that normal speeder movement requires that the spaces be adjacent, and there's other specific effects.

And yes, movement OF a speeder is defined like movement OF players, "on foot". Thing is, the speeder isn't restricted in how it can move, or how I can tell it to move. I can't move myself, but my speeder can move me.

I appeal CFI 1438.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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