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Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday evening)

From: "David E. Smith" <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Grid page updated: to reflect Orc's Radar.

[[May I ask if the Bonus Boxes moved? Because if memory serves me correctly, my current position should be a new one, that I don't recall going off. Besides the one that was 1 south, and had the Towel.]]

BvS's speeder should have been Snuggled (-10 Integrity) at the
beginning of the nweek. Barney should have moved, dragging the poor
speeder along with em, and giving Glotmorf's speeder a Hug. >Fortunately, this doesn't negate any of Glotmorf's subsequent moves...

[[I think Snuggling only happens if Barney is Wired. If he isn't, Barney just Hugs, which decrease integrity, and doesn't Snuggle, which traps the speeders and drags them.]]

Glotmorf grabs a Towel, boards eir speeder, flies around a bit. E cannot Recycle eir Irish Gnome (Recycling Centers were destroyed in the last Apocalypse). Glotmorf buys a Remote for eir Speeder (transferring 120BNS from emself to WBE), and engages in a lot of quarrying and mining (which costs another 350 BNS total, but yields (20 + 0 + 27 + 0 + 0) = 47 RUs)... Eir speeder ends up at (14,4), just in time to set off an Inflatable Siren Bonus Box (which displaces Glotmorf to (13,5). Wheee!

[[Hmm. Bug found. Seems players can't move while in a ZATR, but they can cause their airspeeders to, conviently dragging the player along. As such,]]

Iiiacaausee maahaairspeeedah taa mooovetoo (11,5),(10,5)
[[Going 2 west to pick up the bonus box.]]
Iiiialllso prooopooose theeefolllowing:
{{__Ehem, no, I think I'd like to just stay here__
After the third sentence of 301.E.2.2, add "Player in a ZATR or ZOE may not cause Airspeeders to move.}}

I am not wholly swayed by Orc's logic on changing CFI rulings, but then again the rules are painfully ambiguous and IMO the whole damn justice system has needed a massive rewrite for, oh, 25 or 30 nweeks.

[[Well, I'll not argue the point. The admin gets to decide on the ruling after 7 ndays of us not getting anywhere, so Dave will get to decide here soon anyway. However, I will make a new prop:]]

Iiiiprooopooose theeefolllowing:
{{__Tweaking Justice__
In Rule 127, __Judgement__:
Add to section II. Judgment,
{{This ruling shall dictate the manner in which the rules are interperted, unless the judgement is appealed, in which case the ruling of the Upper House shall dictate the manner in which the rules are interperted.}}

In section III. Recusion, after "If a judge of a CFI goes On Leave", add "or ceases to be a player"

In Rule 128, __Appeals__
{{The Appelate Judges have seven days to arrive at a judgment that a majority of them agree with. As soon as a majority of the Appelate Judges on a CFI agree to a judgment, the Upper House judges that CFI according to that decision}}
{{The Appelate Judges may issue any number judgements on the appealed CFI similar to a Judge, within 7 ndays of the judgement being appealed, if the Upper House has not issued a ruling on it. Each new issued judgement replaces the old one. If at any time during the 7-nday period, if the Upper House has not issued a judgement on the CFI and a majority of the off-leave Appelate Judges have the same judgement as the most recently issued judgement on that CFI, then the Upper House issues that judgement on that CFI.


[[I'm not sure if you have something else in mind, Dave, but there's a fix to some of the stuff.]]

Dave goes on a rant about how f---ing silly things like Automation Scripts that create proxies-for-sale and society-dictated voting for players that haven't actually played in most of a calendar year really is. If you want to play, show up and play, all on your own. Yes, you, sit down in front of a computer for a few minutes every few days, skim over the list, make some proposals, send in some snappy comments, whatever. but actually PLAY. Automation Scripts basically just annoy me (because I have to keep track of 'em and actually implement all their requests), and the continued abuse of the comatose Iain (who, for all we know, could in fact, IRL, be comatose, since nobody has actually heard from em in appx. forever), are coming very close indeed to triggering my temper.

Iiiiaapprooopoose theefooolloowing:
{{__You gotta do things yourself__
This is an a la carte proposal.
In Rule 154, __Dimensions__, section B.3 Activity, after "if e voted on that nweek's Ballot", add ", and at least one of those votes was not the result of a proxy held by another player or the result of an automation script"

Add the following paragraph after the first in Rule 1247, __Automation Scripts__: "A player may not issue a proxy, become Off Leave, or, if e is On Leave, perform any action that requires em being Off Leave as a result of an Automation Script."

[[Dave: Note that according to the rules as they are, you can disallow any change to an automation script. If you don't like it, don't allow it. Heck, disallow all of them if you want.]]

In Rule 578, __Societies__:
Change section I. to:
I. Definition
A society is a group of entities, who are called the Members of that society. An entity becomes a member of a soceity when e creates that society or is accepted as a new member by that society. An entity may not be accepted by a society unless e has stated e desires to become a member of that society, and has not since declared that e does not.

In section II, change the first restriction to, "A society does not take actions unless its charter or a rule dictates it does."

Change section VIII to:
VIII. Limits and Termination
No society can force or directly cause its members to do anything, unless otherwise explicitly stated by the rules. Any member of a society may leave it at any time, ceasing to be a member of that society. If a society has no members, it disbands itself.


[[That should cover the relevant issues.]]

Orc in a Spacesuit

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