David E. Smith on 2 Apr 2003 05:16:01 -0000

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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday evening)

Grid page updated: to reflect Orc's Radar.
Grid page updated: to add the Insta-Rules. (They're just denoted as "IR".)

BvS's speeder should have been Snuggled (-10 Integrity) at the
beginning of the nweek. Barney should have moved, dragging the poor
speeder along with em, and giving Glotmorf's speeder a Hug. Fortunately,
this doesn't negate any of Glotmorf's subsequent moves...

Glotmorf grabs a Towel, boards eir speeder, flies around a bit. E cannot
Recycle eir Irish Gnome (Recycling Centers were destroyed in the last
Apocalypse). Glotmorf buys a Remote for eir Speeder (transferring 120BNS
from emself to WBE), and engages in a lot of quarrying and mining (which
costs another 350 BNS total, but yields (20 + 0 + 27 + 0 + 0) = 47 RUs)...
Eir speeder ends up at (14,4), just in time to set off an Inflatable Siren
Bonus Box (which displaces Glotmorf to (13,5). Wheee!

"Recycling Recycling Centers" is p1426/0.
"Forfeiture: New and Improved!" is p1427/0.
"I'm Not Too Old to Work!" is p1428/0.
"No more laggy moves" is p1412/1.
"From some other beginning's end" is p1407/1.
"Re-tilling Olive Harvesting" is p1429/0.
"Unlikely Icecapades" is p1422/1.
"Rescinding props" is p1404/3.
"E=MC^2" is p1417/1.
"Stop orc slurring, for a price" is p1430/0.

Sheeba forfeits. You'll be missed, friend.

Anything McGee rules TRUE on CFI 1411. (I remove bd from the list of
appellate judges, as e shouldn't have been there.) I am not wholly swayed
by Orc's logic on changing CFI rulings, but then again the rules are
painfully ambiguous and IMO the whole damn justice system has needed a
massive rewrite for, oh, 25 or 30 nweeks.

Glotmorf updates eir Automation Script.

Dave goes on a rant about how f---ing silly things like Automation Scripts
that create proxies-for-sale and society-dictated voting for players that
haven't actually played in most of a calendar year really is. If you want
to play, show up and play, all on your own. Yes, you, sit down in front of
a computer for a few minutes every few days, skim over the list, make some
proposals, send in some snappy comments, whatever. but actually PLAY.
Automation Scripts basically just annoy me (because I have to keep track
of 'em and actually implement all their requests), and the continued abuse
of the comatose Iain (who, for all we know, could in fact, IRL, be
comatose, since nobody has actually heard from em in appx. forever), are
coming very close indeed to triggering my temper. Actually, I think the
whole damn game is becoming a bit too complex for anyone to keep up and
still call it a hobby; it may be time for D Nomic (I'm skipping C so that
the object-oriented wonks don't get any ideas).

BvS cannot nominate emself for Ambassador, as the position was not vacant
at the beginning of the nweek. I vacate the position; an election will be
held next nweek, for which BvS is heartily encouraged to nominate emself.

Today is nday 6. Weather man, do your thang.

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