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[Spoon-business] Votes, nweek 23

Prop___ Vote___________ Comments______________________________
991	YES		I don't like bandwidth, and an inadvertent
			double negative in this rule will wreck it
			for another nweek! Yay!
993	YES
995	NO		So you'd have two Elbonian Airways on the same
996	YES (8)
997	YES (10)	Points for originality in the story.
998	YES (2)		But the thing about points for originality is
			that you only get them once.
999	YES
1000	YES
1001	NO		Um... sounds like yet another Society designed
			to give certain people money. No.
1002	YES		Being a pain in the ass results in a pain in the
			ass. Hammurabi would be proud.
1004	YES
1005	YES
1006	NO		Societies scare me. Nested ones scare me more.
1007	YES
1008	YES
1011	ABSTAIN		Are we really supposed to vote on this?
1012	NO		Sure, you make it seem innocent, but then you'll
			go around Garthing Brooks with impunity.
1013	NO		Since A Nomic, the words "The Bank" give me the
1014	YES
1015	NO		There could still be something useful done with
			the other coordinates.
1016	ABSTAIN		I think this would undo Wonko screwing himself
			over... then again, I wasn't paying that much
1017	YES (5)
1020	YES
1022	YES (6)
1023	NO		How is it a "less is more" if it doesn't
			actually get shorter?
1024	NO		What does that accomplish?
1025	YES
1026	YES		Though the restriction on players won't be very
			restrictive if someone, say, makes a Gremlin out
			of papier-mache.
1027	YES		Okay, I was wrong. 991 doesn't entirely screw up
			Bandwidth on its own. But mixed with THIS prop,
			it does.
1028	YES
1029	YES
1030	YES
1031	YES
1032	YES
1033	YES
1035	YES
1036	YES
1037	YES		I hope the omitted word won't screw it up too
1038	YES
1040	NO
1041	YES
1042	YES
1043	NO		Not necessary.
1044	NO
1045	YES
1046	YES
1047	YES
1048	NO
1049	YES
1050	YES
1055	NO		Enough improbable combinations of Gnomes...
1057	NO		I'd prefer if stories usually had something to
			do with the proposal, or were separated from
			proposals entirely.
1059	NO		There's no such thing as a Gbnome either.
1060	NO
1061	YES
1062	YES

Rob Speer

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