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[Spoon-business] Re: [Bnomic-private] The Daily Recognizer (Thursday evening)

There's a reason this is on business...

Orc bought a speeder a couple ndays ago. (This was, in fact, legal, though
Wonko's latest 'all your points are belong to us' scheme made it appear
not to be so. Dude, you've gotta find better ways to point out potential
broken-ness. :)

Are you saying I (Orc) should find better ways, or Wonko should, or what? Not quite sure here.

Oh yeah, there were no nominations for either the Ministry of Gremlins or
the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Gee, thanks.

I nominate myself for Minister of Economic Affairs, because I actually think that I would be a good watchdog against Wonkoness... *hrmgh* I mean crazy fooked up sheiat that breaks the game and the bank.

I nominate myself for Minister of Gremlins, just cause I'd be willing to if no one else does.

Ballot coming under separate cover.

With the writ of delay figuring, I'm not sure exactly how time is working right now, but if you could get those nominations in this week, that'd be that much less you have to do.

Orc In A Spacesuit
is laying out an ecoNomic policy.

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