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Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Thursday evening)

On 9/27/02 at 4:47 AM David E. Smith wrote:

>"The Power of Dave" is 1049/2, 1049/3.
>"Fun with Food" is 1055/0.
>"Cleanliness" is 997/1.
>"More Cleanliness" is 998/1.
>"Crime Doesn't Pay" is 1000/2, 1000/3.
>"So You Want To Be A Writer..." is 1057/0.
>"Fix the scotch" is 1059/0.
>"Improving Speeders" is 1004/2.
>"The Royal Flush" is 1060/0, 1060/1
>"The Hand of Hands" is 1061/0.
>"The International Stop Symbol" is 1062/0.

Mr. A...I had some extra proposals and proposal changes that weren't recognized.  My email log says they hit the list before the "The Royal Flush" proposal.  They included changes to p1022 and p1052, as well as the following proposals:

	"The Fish is Dead, Long Smell the Fish!"
	"How's This for Feng Shui?"
	"Rock On!"


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