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[Spoon-business] NWEEK 23 BALLOT

Just so you know... I will declare another writ of delay before the end of
the nweek, just so everyone has time to read all this. There are 61
proposals on this big bad mofo.

Proposal 991/1: Fixing The Bandwidth (Wonko)
Proposal 993/0: Funny, he doesn't look Druish... (Wonko)
Proposal 995/0: Service Malls (Wonko)
Proposal 996/1: This Island Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us (Glotmorf)
Proposal 997/1: Cleanliness (Wonko)
Proposal 998/1: More Cleanliness (Wonko)
Proposal 999/1: Spiffiness with Speeders (Wonko)
Proposal 1000/3: Crime Doesn't Pay (Wonko)
Proposal 1001/0: Wealthy Bastard goes Public (Wonko)
Proposal 1002/0: Stop It! (Wonko)
Proposal 1003/0: It's Tango Time! (Wonko)
Proposal 1004/2: Improving Speeders (Wonko)
Proposal 1005/1: A New World to Explore... and Conquer (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 1006/0: Club B -- A Member of the Club A Family of Fine Clubs (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1007/0: Just What IS Level Ground Anyway? (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1008/1: Your Flat or Mine? (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1011/0: Nweek 23 Insta-Prop (House Grem)
Proposal 1012/0: Repeal Rule 408! (The Voice)
Proposal 1013/0: Less is More: Capital Resources (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 1014/0: Repeal Rule 469! (The Voice)
Proposal 1015/0: DimShips are gone, I tell you! (The Voice)
Proposal 1016/0: Night of the Living Dead Stock Market (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1017/0: From the Swirling Mists (Squire of Dimness)
Proposal 1020/0: Wonko: 5, Game: 1 (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 1021/0: vSOI v.2 (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 1022/0: Nowhere to Go but Down (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1023/0: Less is More: Bonus Boxes (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1024/0: Cleanup on Aisle 946 (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1025/0: Default Chutzpah (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1026/0: The Infamous Rule 6! (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1027/0: What the Hell IS Bandwidth? (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1028/0: Mr. Luigi, This is Your Wakeup Call (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1029/0: Ambassador Biweekly v.2 (Athena)
Proposal 1030/0: You can't have THAT crazy a New Nyear (Athena)
Proposal 1031/0: Eddit the Not-Powerful (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 1032/0: Scarf Prop (The Voice)
Proposal 1033/0: Nseasons, Mk3 (The Voice)
Proposal 1034/0: Friends shouldn't let friendsh proposh drunk (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 1035/0: Wind (Again) (The Voice)
Proposal 1036/0: Less is More: Beverages (The Voice)
Proposal 1037/0: Let's Give 'Em A Hand! (The Voice)
Proposal 1038/0: Damn It, Glotmorf (The Voice)
Proposal 1040/0: Olive Trees (Athena)
Proposal 1041/0: Obsolete Reference Fix (The Voice)
Proposal 1042/0: Repeal Rule 298! (The Voice)
Proposal 1043/0: A limit on the power of Faith (Wonko)
Proposal 1044/0: Been there, Done that, Bought the T-shirt (Wonko)
Proposal 1045/0: Here now, don't start that again! (Wonko)
Proposal 1046/0: Repeal Rule 753! (The Voice)
Proposal 1047/0: Repeal Rule 817! (The Voice)
Proposal 1048/0: Chads, Hanging and Otherwise (The Voice)
Proposal 1049/3: The Power of Dave (Wonko)
Proposal 1050/0: NomiCrack (Squire of Dimness)
Proposal 1051/0: Just Gotta Flick This Lil' Switch... (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1052/0: Hey, Why Can't We Just Start Over? (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1055/0: Fun with Food (Athena)
Proposal 1057/0: So You Want to be a Writer.... (Glotmorf)
Proposal 1059/0: Fix the scotch (Wonko)
Proposal 1060/1: The Royal Flush (Wonko)
Proposal 1061/0: The Hand of Hands (Wonko)
Proposal 1062/0: The International Stop Symbol (Wonko)


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