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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Thursday evening)


"The Power of Dave" is 1049/2, 1049/3.
"Fun with Food" is 1055/0.
"Cleanliness" is 997/1.
"More Cleanliness" is 998/1.
"Crime Doesn't Pay" is 1000/2, 1000/3.
"So You Want To Be A Writer..." is 1057/0.
"Fix the scotch" is 1059/0.
"Improving Speeders" is 1004/2.
"The Royal Flush" is 1060/0, 1060/1
"The Hand of Hands" is 1061/0.
"The International Stop Symbol" is 1062/0.


Athena's CFI on Destruction and Nice Dimensions is 1054, assigned to bd.
bd rules FALSE on CFI 1053.
bd's Destruction CFI is 1056, assigned to (elided -- CFI was rescinded).
bd loses 1 point for rescinding eir CFI.
bd's other Destruction CFI is 1058, assigned to Rob.


Athena Privatizes eir stock, as does The Voice.

Wonko sells eir Corporate stocks, gets some points via conversion, and
does some Jedi stuff. E also buys another twenty speeders. (Anyone care to
bet he's gonna place 'em around the Grid, and try to leapfrog from one to
the next, trying to visit all 400 squares of the Grid in a day?)

Squire goes public, placing 24 shares of emself on the market (57 BNS per).


Glotmorf purchases, and drinks, a glass of Wine (not champagne, my bad) to
toast Mithrandir. (There oughta be a rule for toasting someone -- it's
quicker and less complicated than a Respect Prop, but still a nifty idea.)
(-3 points, +3 Style)

Glotmorf: A (cursory) examination of the past few nweeks' vote results --
basically everything since the first win/emergency thing -- I counted up
your current charm as 15.5. Mea culpa. (Also, re p965 and the mighty
morphin veto: No, I didn't take away points for its failure, since it was
vetoed. Although I did, now that you mention it, mistakenly give you
points for the veto -- under the old system, you'd get a few points for a
veto, which you don't now. Thanks for reminding me -- you and Iain are
both docked points which you shouldn't have been given. :)

Wonko vents eir frustration, erm, Destruction, down to 1000. Then it turns
out that it was never really that high anyway... All of eir Nice
Dimensions are down to zero, and eir Destruction is a somewhat more
reasonable 500-somethin'.

(For reference: I'm assuming that Wonko's attempt to drain eir own
dimensions was legal, for obvious reasons, but I'm still not applying it
to the Roster, since even that may be undone by one of this nweek's many
proposals. I'm also assuming that eir attempt to do the same to everyone
else was illegal.)

The Voice is credited 2 points for Weather stuff. (If you could just tally
this stuff up and only invoice me once per nweek, like the other
ministers, that'd be swell.)

Wonko goes On Leave, returns from Leave, and tries some nonsensical shit
involving negative numbers that I don't believe is legal.

Orc bought a speeder a couple ndays ago. (This was, in fact, legal, though
Wonko's latest 'all your points are belong to us' scheme made it appear
not to be so. Dude, you've gotta find better ways to point out potential
broken-ness. :)

Athena's Society changes its charter, again.

The Clock is adjusted for the Writ of Delay; today is nweek 23, nday 8.
Voting is in progress. Finally.

Oh yeah, there were no nominations for either the Ministry of Gremlins or
the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Gee, thanks.

Ballot coming under separate cover.


David E. Smith   dave@[technopagan.org|metadave.net|bureau42.com]

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