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[Spoon-business] NomiCops

[[ 23.4, 2.52a. B Nomic-- Administrator Smith steps off his airspeeder next
to a rundown old shack in the slums of the Babel/Casino complex. suddenly  a
hail of beer cans rains down on him from the second floor of the decrepit
building. Smith pulls a loaded bomb gnome from his pocket.
    "Everybody stay Calm, I don't want to have to use this. Just come out
quietly." Smith says authoritatively into the darkened structure. after
several minutes two wiry men with sunken bloodshot eyes walk out the front
    "Would one of you like to explain why the hell I've been receiving
complaints of someone from this house throwing  beer cans  onto Casino
    The one in the greasy Slayer T-shirt speaks up first, "I don't know
officer, We're al well- behaved, law abiding citizens of B Nomic here, sir."
    The other tries to avert his eyes quickly from Administrator Smith,
under the grime covering his T-shirt, the administrator can just make out
the words "I screwed the Economy and all I got was this stupid T-shirt"
    "Yes, sir."
    "What the hell are you boys doing in here?"]]


Create the following rule:

There exist Gnomes of type NomiCrack(NC) a player may obtain a NC gnome by
mixing a PGGB gnome, a Tea gnome, a Coffee gnome and an Espresso gnome. each
NC gnome has three hit points. Squeezing an NC gnome reduces it's hit points
by one and produces  one rock of  NomiCrack.

B NomiCrack: There exists substance NomiCrack whose natural unit is one
rock. Consuming one rock of  NomiCrack will have the following effects on a

Gain 150 Points
Lose 3d4 Charm
Gain 1d6 Activity
Gain 25 Entropy
Lose 1d8 Style
Player is unable to board air speeders, is limited to messages containing
less than 750 characters, may not create Insta-Rules(even if possessing the
Ring of Power), and will run 3d4 spaces toward the opposing team's end zone
if playing Football for 3d4 ndays.

If a player consumes more than one rock of NomiCrack in an nweek for  2
consectuive nweeks the player  gains the attribute "Crack Head" adn must
continue to consume at least one rock of NomiCrack each nweek receiving only
1/4 of the point value or  loose 3d4 points and may only make 2 proposals
per nweek for n nweeks, where n is the natural number of nweeks the player
had the attritibute "Crack Head." prior to ceasing consumption of NomiCrack.

If a player with the attribute "Crack Head" remains without NomiCrack for
the duration of penalties the attributre is removed.


[[ "Come on, Wonko Let's get you to B Nomic General, they got some  great
Sunstance abuse counselors there, and besides it's almost tiem for


"I thought Id never

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