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[Spoon-business] Recognizer response and Gnome Report

An election for the Ministry of Gremlins is now open.
Nominations for both of the above will be accepted for five ndays.
-Uh, why? Don't I hold the post for an nyear?-

Baron von Skippy, The Voice, Wild Card, Glotmorf, Wonko, bd, and Squire of
Dimness each get one free Gnome (vSOI membership). The Gnome Minister is
asked to randomly generate these Gnomes and award them.

Here's yer Gnomes, folks:
I get a Lemon Gnome. The Voice gets a Grape Kool-Aid Gnome. Wild Card gets a Weather Gnome. Glotmorf gets an Air Gnome. Wonko gets a Grain Gnome. bd gets a Scottish Gnome. Squire of Dimness gets an Herb Gnome.-

I bag my new Gnome, buy a Water Gnome, merge a Water Gnome and a Fire Gnome into a Tequila Gnome, merge one each Tequila, Beer, Grape Kool-Aid, Champagne, Vodka, Scottish, and Wine Gnomes into a PJP Gnome, purchase three Water Gnomes, two Grain Gnomes, one Herb Gnome, and one Alien Gnome, merge two sets of Water and Grain Gnomes into two Beer Gnomes, merge an Herb Gnome and a Water Gnome into a Tea Gnome, merge a Tea Gnome and a Beer Gnome into a British Gnome, merge a Beer Gnome, a British Gnome, and an Alien Gnome into a Ford Prefect Gnome, and merge a Ford Prefect Gnome, a PJP Gnome, and a Lemon Gnome into a PGGB Gnome. I squueze that PGGB Gnome once and drink the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. As waves of drunkeness crash into my consciousness, I recognize all the above except the drinking.

Gnome Report is as follows [[nb = not bagged]]:
Player			Gnome types
Baron von Skippy    	Bomb, Ice, Weather
bd                  	Air, Bomb (4), Basic (4), Alien (4), Earth, Fire,
                   	Grain (2), Herb (3), Sheep (3), Summer (2), Water (4),
                   	Winter, Scottish (nb)
Glotmorf		Air (nb)
Orc                 	Air (2), Alien, Basic, Earth, Grain, Sheep (2)
Squire			Herb (nb)
The Voice           	Basic (2), Lemon, Grape Kool-Aid (nb)
Wild Card Earth (2), Fire, Sheep, Tea, Water (2), Winter, Weather (nb)
Wonko			Grain (nb)

I spent 40 points and gained 250. I believe that puts me at 266 points. More, once my salary comes in... also, that was 18 actions, so my Entropy is back on the rise, up by 24 in the last 5 minutes...

I submit my invoice for nweek 22:
Item: 23 purchases by bd
Salary: 20 points
There, I'm maxed out.

Even though I don't agree that there's an election to be had, I nominate myself for the post of Minister of Gnomes.

Hab an icesh tay. *passes out*


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