David E. Smith on 19 Sep 2002 02:35:04 -0000

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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Wednesday Evening II)

Anyone have a preference on how long we keep which mailing lists around?
(I'm thinking that, after another day or two, I remove bnomic-private from
the list of Public Fora.)

Orc urinates on Joel's machine. It erupts in a shower of sparks.

I overlooked a couple things related to The Grid and the nweekly updates:
* The Gnome Factory cannot produce anything, as there are no other Gnomes
presently on the Grid.
* Just after that fails miserably, two Sheep Gnomes fall from above.

The Voice Answers the Telephone of B Nomic, and scores 4 points. (Wonko's
message was sent earlier, but wasn't sent to the -business list.)

"Repeal Rule 408!" is 1012/0.
"Less is More: Capital Resources" is 1013/0.
"Repeal Rule 469!" is 1014/0.
"DimShips are gone, I tell you!" is 1015/0.

I cannot do the following BvS action:

Replace all occurences of the words "Resource Units" in my proposal with
"units of Raw Materials."

Because I have NO IDEA which proposal e is referring to here.


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