David E. Smith on 19 Sep 2002 03:20:03 -0000

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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Wednesday Evening III)

Updated vote results forthcoming. (This'll be the "abridged" version
without point totals and so on.)

The only issue for which the added votes changed the result was p986, "The
World is an Atheist's Temple." Created 941/1. Athena scores 12 + 2 (points
wrongly taken for "failure" of prop) = 14 pts.

A few points change hands; I'll provide an itemized list if anyone
positively insists, but they're mostly just one-points here and there
(based on how you voted for p986, and if its change from 'fail' to 'pass'
affected you).

"A New World to Explore... and Conqure" is 1005/1.

BvS receives 20 points for Ministerial services.
The Voice receives 4 points for Ministerial services.

BvS spends a whole lot of points and gets smashingly drunk. I'm going to
assume e didn't botch the maths on that, because I don't have time to
double-check everything just now.


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