Glotmorf on 29 Apr 2002 06:35:11 -0000

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Re: spoon-business: RESULTS, nweek 13

On 4/29/02 at 1:28 AM David E. Smith wrote:

>Proposal 601/1 (The first rule is, you don't talk about it)
>		(Congenital Optimist):
>AFF: Congenital Optimist, Glotmorf, Naath, Wild Card
>NEG: Baron von Skippy, Iain, The Reality Police, The Voice, Wonko
>ABS: Rob
>SHL: Bean
>Counts: (4-5-1-1). Measure fails.
>Congenital Optimist loses 4 points.

Mr. A, this prop was a Charter Prop.  As per Rule 631 (created by Prop 586), a Charter Prop only fails if 2/3 of the votes were against it.  Are you counting Abstain and Shelve votes as being against it?


(Okay, yes, this was easy with the new ent. limits.)