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spoon-business: END OF WEEK stuff, nweek 13

Random notes: All rules that don't have a listed Chutzpah have a Chutzpah
of 1, not "maybe 0 or maybe 1". The relevant proposal is p312.

"Give all rules a Chutzpah of 1."

'nuff said.

To the best of my knowledge, the only rules with a Chutzpah value other
than 1 are:

Rule 10 (C10)
Rule 293 (C2)
Rule 394 (C3)
Rule 502 (C2)

Yeah, votes were due at 7 pm my time, not 6. Old habit, since it WAS 6 up
'til a couple weeks ago.

Please, no Swatch time. It's just plain goofy. UCT/GMT is good enough IMO.

Baron von Skippy queues a Grid move.

The barely-legible "Iwantorunnow!" is 624/0.

Rob: There is no proposal 606, so that vote doesn't count. :-)


End-of-nweek stuff:

Rocky buys a Big Rock, randomly aimed. Gremlin Fund spends 4 points, and
it lands, Siren-free, at (1,13).

Pinhead bowls an "8" and a "3". Each player who made a proposal last nweek
(everyone but Iain, Scoff!, and Yuki) receives 11 points.

The Scoring Gremlin gives Iain five points, then goes into Hiding.


This is where vote results would go. They are included herein by


Welcome to nweek 14

"One tequila..." is 643/0.
"[[ Circumnavigating the Entropy Restrictions ]]" is 644/0, 644/1.
"Wake Me When Yer Done, Dear" is 645/0.
"To Fix Dim Ships?" is 646/0.

The Pink Scarf is given to Wonko, who also receives 15 Style.

The new Gremlin Number is 67.

The Immunity Idol is awarded to Wild Card.

The Token of Proposals cannot be awarded to Wild Card (Immunity Idol), so
it tries to go to Wonko, but as e held it last nweek, that fails as well
and the Bandwidth Gremlin goes into Hiding. (whew!)

Congenital Optimist is Burnt by Bruce.

Two MORE Gnomes (Sheep Gnomes) appear, as does a Ball of Wax.

Queued Grid moves occur, in order:

Bean attempts to move to (18,10), but that move is illegal (as that space
is now occupied by a Big Rock). Therefore, eir tackle also cannot happen.

The Voice runs to (20,10). Eir team scores a Touchdown, even though The
Voice almost trips over a Beer Can. The Voice, Wonko, and Baron von Skippy
all score 20 points for the Touchdown. The Football relocates to the
center of the Grid.

Baron von Skippy moves.

Glotmorf moves.

The Temperature increases by seven degrees, to a balmy -7 degrees.

Curt and Rod move about a bit.

The Gnome Factory churns out a Basic Gnome.

This week's Colour Commentator is The Reality Police.


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