Glotmorf on 29 Apr 2002 06:58:52 -0000

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spoon-business: Judgment on CFJ 590

I judge CFJ 590 to be FALSE.


RealPol's statement is that we don't know which Players can pass a Turing Test and which can't.  This is only partly true.  A Turing Test is given using questions and answers, or other exchange of statements, between the tester and the testee.  In a sense, we do that each nday on the public and non-public fora.  Granted, we do not ask each single question that can be asked, in order to tax the other players to the extreme, but neither have we, at any time, pointed to a player and said, "I think that player is not a human, but a machine, because of <blah>."  This, despite said players having said and done things in this game for days or weeks now.

I think that all players now in the game have performed well enough to pass a Turing Test AT THIS TIME.  I also think that the Turing Test is an on-going process, and that therefore a player may fail it at a later time.  But for now, I'll rewrite the basis for US law: all players are assumed human until proven machine.  And since no players have been proven to be machines, then all players are assumed human.  And we know how many players we have.

I have said.