Alex Truelsen on 8 Apr 2002 16:38:49 -0000

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spoon-business: CFJ526

[[This looks a little different, but I have to take recent events into account.]]

CFJ 526/0
CFJ by The Voice
Assigned Judge: Baron von Skippy

Statement: Rules 500 and 501 do not exist.

Analysis: Neither rule amends rule 293 to define how Guido and Copper, both of whom arguably affect players directly, would have an effect on a player who holds the Immunity Idol, as is required by rule 293:

"Any rule which creates a gremlin which directly affects players must also amend this rule to specify how that gremlin would affect the player with the Idol."

I judge FALSE.

Analysis: That segment of R293/4 no longer exists, as per proposal 524/1, so according to the current ruleset, 500 and 501 are compliant with R293/4.

[[It seems there should be more, but that's about it. The original version had more, but that was mostly me justifying my CFJ of the Administrator.]]


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