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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Monday evening)

I finally got all the Yeti's movements on the Grid web page. Both for day
1 and today (day 6) of this nweek.

The Weather is updated: it's a couple degrees warmer.

Curt and Rod move around a bit.

Okay, I'm just completely screwing up the recent CFJs and such... any
suggestions on ways to make things less of a pain in my ass are welcome.

In the meantime: Yeah, Naath was in fact recused from CFJ 526. So eir
judgment is negated, and Rules 500 and 501 are reinstated. Baron von
Skippy's judgement is recognized, even though its logic appears fallacious
at best.

To the best of my knowledge, that takes care of all open CFJs except for
533, and it could be argued that 533 is moot at this point. (I'm assuming
Glotmorf is just waiting for the opportunity to dump the Sushi to rule on

You've still got a day and a half to get those proposals in -- I'd hate
for this to be the smallest ballot in B Nomic history (it's at a meager
eleven proposals, I believe).

There's also been no Grid Actions that I'm aware of... I hope the game
isn't slowing down solely on my account.

speaking of the Grid: I added a radar ping at (5,12), from the radars of
both Baron von Skippy and Congenital Optimist.  Naath did in fact land on
something -- unfortunately, it was a Scary Dark Thing, which would have
cost her 25 points if she'd had them to begin with.


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