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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (abridged Sunday night edition)

Okay, here we go again...

* Naath isn't in Limbo, despite the fact that the Grid page said she was.
This is due to the fact that I'm an idiot... Naath did jump at a point
that contained either a Shiny Thing or a Scary Dark Thing, but due to my
present inability to locate the piece of paper containing the locations of
those things, I'm not sure which it is. (There are one or two other Radar
blips of which I'm presently aware, which aren't yet reflected on the Grid

* Naath has ruled on CFJ 526. To bring the game in accordance with that
judgement, Rules 500 and 501 are repealed.

* Wild Card has ruled on CFJ 534.

* Okay, I blew it on Proposal 524... Though I'm required to recognize the
CFJ apparently contained in a recent email, I'm unable to do so because
the email containing the CFJ is in an especially illegible dialect of
HTML. Please resubmit that judgement, CFJ request, and whatever else it is
in plain text.

* (Aside: It appears that part of that email was a reminder that I
overlooked part of the effects of p524. This has been corrected; it may
render a CFJ unnecessary.)

* Glotmorf, even through the Sushi, Kicks Baron von Skippy in the Ass.
"Most impressive..." The latter loses five points to the former. And yes,
even though I'm not required to recognize it, I do so because that email
was really really bad.

* "Societies" is 553/0.

* My Omnibus Proposal is revised: Remove sections 6 and 9, renumber the
others in the logical fashion. 552/1.

* I know, I know, the Yeti *STILL* has to move. Doing anything involving
the Yeti takes about twenty minutes which I don't have right now, sorry.


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