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spoon-business: Okay, let's do it for real this time

I suppose, given the ruleset, that it was illegal for me to make this
yesterday. So here it is, for real this time:

__Stop the World! I Wanna Get Off!__

The Admin may, at any time while the Clock is On, issue a Writ of Delay.
With each Writ of Delay, the Admin must delcare how many ndays long the
Delay is. One second before the end of an nday, if the Admin has issued a
Writ of Delay, the Clock is turned Off, and does not turn on until the Watch
reads the same number of ndays as the Writ which turned the Clock off. If
multiple Writs are issued during the same nday, only the last one issued

And, shall we say, a few more minor... alterations?

__The Goon Gremlin__

There exists a Gremlin known as the Goon Gremlin, or Guido. If Guido is
Active and in Limbo, and an Inebriated player in Limbo makes a proposal, 1d8
is rolled. On a 2 or 3, Guido Smacks that player, taking 4 of eir points. On
a 1, Guido Throws that player in Elbonian Airways style at a random square
of the Grid which is at least 3 squares away from any border of the grid.

__And there was much rejoicing__

__Minstrel Gnomes__

There exist Gnomes called Minstrel Gnomes. At the beginning of the 1st and
6th ndays of each nweek, if Robin is Active, e places a Minstrel Gnome on a
random vacant Grid Square. Any player who occuppies a square where the
temperature is below freezing and possessess a Minstrel Gnome is forced to
Eat it immediately.

__See the world, they said__

__Radar Towers__

There exist objects called Radar Towers. Any player who occuppies a square
that does not already contain a Radar Tower may pay 10 points to Build a
Radar Tower on that square. Radar Towers are immovable, passable objects.
Any player who occuppies a square containing a Radar Tower is treated as if
eir Radar is 3 greater than it actually is.

__The man behind the curtain__

Fix rule number one
By putting the word 'is' in
where 'shall be' is now.

[[ "The name of this game shall be B Nomic"? When?]]

__Not a Toaster__

In rule twenty four
In the numerical list
Remove number two.

[[I don't see email addresses on The Roster...]]


What Do You Call A Boomerang That Doesn't Work?
 A Stick.