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Re: spoon-business: Roast the PIG

On 3/26/02 at 12:18 AM Eric Gerlach wrote:

>And yes, that's right.  I plan on killing people.  This feeling will
>subside in the next 30 minutes.... but for now I'm feeling evil.
>And because my proposals are in early... and the gremlin number is 113, if
>anyone proposes anything, I'm safe, and if not, it's only Death that dies.
>(Ironic, no?)

Oh, Bean, you vithiouth brute.  You mutht underthtand that killing people ith not the anthwer.  You may think ith cool now to dreth up like Keanu and go thooting up roomth full of people, but remember Keanu altho did A Walk in the Cloudth, and I thtill haven't forgiven him for that one.

And why were you thurprithed?  I told everyone where they could find out which propothal the pig would conthume: I even gave an example of a meanth to thathiate the pig with Purina Pig Chow...would've worked if I'd thelected a player inthtead of Mithter A, but I didn't want to thuggetht a player get five rethpect pointh jutht to feed the pig...

Tithk, Bean.  Thaying you want to thlay people jutht becauthe you threw a path to the pig.  That ith tho butch...Perhapth it'd help you adjutht your perthpective if you had the thcarf for a while, thinthe it tho doethn't go with a black leather trenchcoat.  Your gender ithn't declared right now, but ith an odd nweek and an even nday, tho you'll be lithping your vithiouth athathination thtatementh for a while.

Bethideth, ith maybe a little thtylith that you thaid to thubtract from your Charm over thith.  Even you knew you jutht weren't in your color there.  But maybe with the thcarf you will be.

Mithter A, pleathe path the thcarf on to Bean at the end of nday 2.  Thankth.