Rob Speer on 26 Mar 2002 04:21:03 -0000

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spoon-business: Temperature

[[ Instead of Dave's stopgap method of giving the Weather, let's
actually define a characteristic! Yay! ]]

I propose: __Temperature__

1. Create a rule: __Temperature__ {* Weather, 1 *}
The characteristic of Temperature has a value in degrees Celsius.
Only values of Temperature that are less than or equal to 0 are
considered Freezing.

If the Temperature ever goes below -30, it is set to -30, and if it ever
goes above 40, it is set to 40.

Whenever the Weather is updated, (the 15th Gremlin number minus 8)
shall be added to the Temperature.

2. Set the Temperature to -10 [[ in celebration of this lovely spring
weather ]].

3. Throw the Yeti at (10, 10) in the manner that Elbonian Airways would,
except that it does not lose any points.

Rob Speer