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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Saturday afternoon)

Advance notice: This nweek's results will be late. I'll be at work all of
Sunday night and Monday during the day, and will probably be way too tired
in that little gap between 'em to count up all the votes.


Since 444 has finally been ruled upon, I can resolve the rest of Uncle
Psychosis' action, which had been under contention:

Uncle Psychosis gives 3 points to each of the players who voted for p377
(Congenital Optimist, Glotmorf, emself, and Wonko).

(Incidentally, the rules don't seem to actually require that judgments be
sent to a Public Forum. Bug, or feature?)

Bean tries to run, but is tele-tackled by Wonko, which puts the Football
back into the unsure hands of The Voice.

The Voice pings Glotmorf with a Pinball Gun. Glotmorf flies two spaces

447 has been Judged. (And, impressively, without invoking the fact that
the *current* rules answer the question.)

"Keeping the ballot boxes safe for democracy" is just sick, er, 491/0.

Wild Card: I can't acknowledge your Prose ratings, because, per 438/1, you
have to vote in order to give out a rating. Please either vote and put
your ratings with the ballot, or at least put a note in your ballot that
you'd already sent ratings so I remember to look for 'em.

I have a much saner cache system now, thanks to the advice of someone
whose name I currently forget (sorry) and a couple people on IRC. The
"current rules", "current proposals", "current CFJs", and "grid" pages are
now static, instead of being created every time someone looks at 'em. This
should make them faster to load, and hopefully will make Joel happy by
easing the load on his Web server a little bit. (I think my next project
will be studying PostScript to see if I can create a pocket-sized rulebook
automatically, because that would just be darned handy.)


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