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spoon-business: New Rule: Siren Bait

{{ _Oh Baby, You SHOULDN'T Have!_


There was no sound, except for the gentle lapping of the waves on the rock.

A latex-gloved hand emerged from the water and gripped the rock, then another.  The diver's head emerged; he raised his mask and looked around.

Satisfied, he pulled himself onto the rock, and reached for a plastic bag.  Inside the bag was another plastic bag; the bag inside that one was leather, and marked YSL.

He gazed at the bag a moment, skepticism mixing with hope in the small part of his face that showed out of the suit.  He opened the tote and pulled out a piece of paper; he read the legend again to reassure himself.


{{ _Siren Bait_

There exist Yves St. Laurent Designer Bags Filled with Expensive Name-brand Cosmetics, also known as Siren Bait.  Players can buy Siren Bait for 10 points.

A Player can place Siren Bait on a Big Rock not otherwise occupied by a Siren if e is standing next to it.  Beginning with the following nweek, at the beginning of each nweek until the Bait is taken or ruined, 1d(3*N) is rolled, where N is the number of nweeks since the Bait was placed.  If a 1 is rolled, the Bait is taken, and a Siren moves onto the Rock.

If the Bait is not taken within 1d5 nweeks of being placed, the Bait becomes ruined from exposure and is destroyed.



He read it through one more time before crumpling the paper and casting it away.  He closed the tote, placed it into a nicely centered position, and eased himself back into the water.  Turning his back on the rock, he struck out toward shore.

"Hey!  Cool bag!"

He froze, shock coursing through him.  Then he kicked hard, hoping he could get out of range of her voice...

"Wow, lookit all this neat stuff!  Is this for ME?  Oh, baby, you SHOULDN'T have!"

He knew he was risking cramps with the frantic energy he poured into his strokes, but aching for days in bed was better than eternity where he was...

"Why, THANK you!  At least let me sing for you...?"

Her voice was faint in his ears, especially with the splashing of his arms and legs.  He thought he would make it...and then the instrumentals from her backup band started...heavy bass and percussion.

And then...her voice?  Could that be her?  That constipated-sounding pubescent voice groaning, "I think I did it again..."  How could *anyone* be entranced by that?  He turned back to look...

Blonde hair...

Blue eyes...

A smile bigger than her face...

Other things bigger still...

Eventually there was no sound, except for the gentle lapping of the waves.  And the dripping of his drool.