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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday morning)

Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to "Dave's Really Late Night."

Re: the Tackling thing: I think Wonko's interpretation is the most correct
(not to be confused with "anything that makes sense"). So, here's what's

Wonko was at 13,14. Eir move to (13,11) would be illegal, because that
move would've placed em at Bean's location, while Bean still occupied it.

Bean subsequently Ran to (12,13).

Fortunately, that still leaves Wonko in range for a Tackle (though no
players actually come into contact with one another, so it's apparently a
Telekinetic Tackle).

This places the Football under the control of The Voice (the member of
Team Crimson most distant from that team's endzone).

If I've misread my move history or anything, please correct me ASAP.


Bean's latest batch o' proposals comes forth: "More Football Fixes" is
470/0, "Only running is boring III" is 471/0.

Rectifications: the revision history of Rule 5, and "occuppied" is Rules
467 and 468, per Glotmorf.

Naath chooses a Gender and leaps upon The Grid.

Dan is on a Leave of Absence.

"The Gremlin Fund" is 472/0. (Is it your intent that points currently
owned by Gremlins be added to the Fund initially? If so, you should state
this, otherwise the Scoring Gremlin will have some points e'll never be
able to use.)

I am unable to recognize "Purina PIG Chow" Numbers 1 through Whatever
because none of them name a player. "Mr. A" is not the name of any
player... even if I make the arrogant assumption that I'm "Mr. A", well,
I'm *still* not a player.

"Append to Paragraph 47..." is 473/0.

"We Don't Need No Steenkin' Clee... *splat*" is 474/0.

Dear God... it's another Nomilogue. "DimSpace: The Final Frontier" is

I believe that's everything.


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