David E. Smith on 11 Mar 2002 23:43:43 -0000

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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Monday afternoon)

I hope there's no gaping problems with 461, since I'm trying to clean up
my own mess in a way that won't cause me to go batty.

Glotmorf gets in on the faux literature game with 429/1 and 457/1.

Regarding the whole renumbering thing: It simply WILL NOT happen this
week. Not nweek, week. I'm working about eighty hours this week. I'm
leaving for my other job in a few minutes, in fact; be fortunate that I
stopped by to even whip out this Recognizer.

"Izing on the Cake" is revised (429/2).

Uncle Psychosis' existential "This CFJ does not exist." CFJ is 462,
assigned to Rob.

Due to technical limitations, I am unable at this time to Recognize
"Piddling on the Fire of the Gods". The database simply cannot handle
non-integral serial numbers.

(I'm tentatively recognizing the proposal, and assigning it a serial
number of 463/0, barring litigation to determine whether I'll be mandated
to stop the whole damn game for a few days to rewrite the database.)

And since I rather like UIN's version, I'm revising my own proposal by
removing its fifth paragraph. 461/1.


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