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spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 9

Proposal 429/2: Izing on the Cake (Glotmorf)
Proposal 431/2: Blip... Blip... (Wonko)
Proposal 432/3: Literary Criticism (Wonko)
Proposal 433/3: They're Everywhere! Part 2 (Wonko)
Proposal 434/2: Run, Run, As Fast As You Can! v2.0 (Wonko)
Proposal 435/0: Roller Gremlin (The Voice)
Proposal 445/0: You're STILL a Blowhard! (The Voice)
Proposal 446/0: Ohh, one of those "funky" windows... (The Voice)
Proposal 448/2: Respect doesn't pay (Wonko)
Proposal 449/0: A little Wiggle room (Wonko)
Proposal 451/2: A Chilly Prospect (Wonko)
Proposal 452/2: Burn, baby, Burn! (Wonko)
Proposal 453/2: Anthologies (Wonko)
Proposal 454/0: Earth (Congenital Optimist)
Proposal 455/1: Like a fridge. (Uncle Psychosis)
Proposal 456/0: Respect (Wonko)
Proposal 457/1: Continued Next Nweek... (Glotmorf)
Proposal 458/0: How Far Will a Good Name and a Pretty Face Take You?
Proposal 461/1: Cleaning Up My Own Damn Mess (The Administrator)
Proposal 463/0: Piddling on the Fire of the Gods (Uncle Psychosis)

Remember, if you vote for 461, all your problems go away. Plus your whites
will be whiter and your brights will be brighter.


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