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spoon-business: Gnomes

__They're everywhere too!__


There exist objects called Gnomes. Each Gnome has a type. Gnome types may
only exist as defined by the rules. Each Gnome can be either at a Grid
Location, in Limbo, or in the possession of a Player. Gnomes may be picked
up and thrown as if they were Gremlins. Each Gnome has two Hit Points. If a
Gnome is Thrown at a player but not caught, it loses one Hit Point. If a
Gnome has less than 1 Hit Point, it crumbles to dust and is destroyed.
Whenever a Gnome type is defined, a single Gnome of that type shall be
placed in the same manner as a Gremlin would be placed when it is first
This rule defers to all rules which define types of Gnomes.

__Basic Gnomes__

There exist Gnomes of type Basic.

Amend rule 406 to read:
__Yoyo Gnomes__

There exist Gnomes of type Yoyo. When a Yoyo Gnome is Thrown at a player and
is not caught, it returns to the possession of the player who threw it, if
one exists. Yoyo Gnomes have 3 Hit Points.

Popular opinion seems to be that having "Gremlins" that can multiply would
be cool. This is similar to the Gremlin Multiplicity thing, except without
the need to rewrite most Gremlin rules. Basic Gnomes are just Gnomes. The
Yoyo Gremlin I think might be better as a Gnome than a Gremlin, 'cause it
won't be screwed up by multiplicity.


"In the end, everything is a gag. "
- Charlie Chaplin