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spoon-business: Immunity Idol/ Respect

{{ _Mommy, my Idol's broken!_

Replace the second paragraph of rule 293/0 with the following -0- delimited text:

The player who holds the Immunity Idol:
1)May hold any gremlin for any amount of time. If a player loses the Idol while they are holding a gremlin, the time limit starts from the point at which they lost the Idol. 2)May be "hit" by any gremlin without a point loss. If a gremlin hits the player with the Idol, e immediately goes into Hiding.
3)May forego making debt payments to Luigi without penalty.
4)May NOT curse any other player or be cursed emselves.
5)May NOT recieve the Token of Proposals.
6)May NOT Climb Through the Window.
7)May NOT have any of eir proposals eaten by the PIG.

Any rule which creates a gremlin which directly affects players must also amend this rule to specify how that gremlin would affect the player with the Idol.

Also, give said rule a chutzpah of 2. [[Easier than going through and writing down all the rules this rule now has to take precedence over...]]

_Inaugural Declaration of Respect_

For his All-Important Default Case, we respect Rob.

-0-Thus Spake The Voice-0-

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