Jorg Rathlev on 15 Jun 2001 14:28:05 -0000

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RE: spoon-business: Looks like I win again

I just looked through the pooker rules again, as I wanted to make a proposal to repeal them, but then I noticed that you didn't win (maybe).

I make the following RFJ:

The dealer cannot have any Pooker Hands and cannot achieve any Pooker score. PurpleBob did not win the game (neither the first nor the second time).


Rule 394/0 defines the purpose of Pooker to "have the best Pooker Hand or combination of Pooker Hands". According to Rule 397/0, Pooker scores are awarded for Pooker Hands. By rule 396/0, the "Player who has the highest total Score of eir Poker Hand(s) is awarded a number of Points from the Bank [...]".

A "Hand" is, by definition of rule 388/0, the "collection of all cards which a player besides the Dealer owns."

As the Dealer does not have a "Hand", e cannot achieve any Pooker score, so PurpleBob did not win the game.

Note that a "Hand" is not necessarily the same as a "Poker Hand", as a Player may, during showdown, chose how to arrange eir cards into Poker Hands (rule 396/0). It will be up to the Judge to decide whether "Poker Hands" and "Hands" are the same.