Jörg Rathlev on 15 Jun 2001 14:28:04 -0000

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spoon-business: Some new proposals

As for some strange reason no one proposed this yet, I propose to repeal all Pooker rules.

\title{No Pooker}

Repeal rules 394, 395, 396, 397 and delete the last paragraph from rule 399.


Note that this doesn't repeal card games or cards, it just removes the card game Pooker. I'm not sure if card games should be completely removed.

I also think that, as it's still unclear if PurpleBob won the game (and if he did, it's unclear what happened to the debts, Go stones, etc.), we do need a full reset of the game state to be able to get back to actually playing. I make the following proposal:

\title{Reset the game}

At the end of the voting period in which this proposal was voted upon:

- set the score of each player to 10 points,

- set the score of the bank to 1000 points,

- remove all debt objects,

- remove all Go stones from the board and transfer all Go stones to the bank,

- cancel all alliances between Go players,

- and transfer ownership of all rules to the bank.

No scoring shall happen for the voting period in which this proposal was adopted.


I also revise my proposal P467/1, reomve the debt system, as follows:


Remove the following text from the proposal:

Create a new rule entitled "Debt transition" with the following text:

"For each debt object, the banker shall perform the point transfer required to satisfy the debt and the debt shall be destroyed. No permission to perform the point transfer is required from the creditor or the debtor.

As soon as all debts are destroyed, this rule and rule 347 (Debts are Objects) shall be repealed automatically."


Finally, I withdraw P457/0 (which is inactive anyway).