Harrison, Andrew on 30 Jan 2001 09:14:50 -0000

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RE: spoon-business: Bank Actions

Recognised transfer of 45 points from bank to Poulenc.

Sorry that I've not been particularly involved lately, but things are
getting particularly busy at work and I've had a few subtle 'you spend too
much time on the web' comments from my manager ;-(

Isn't there a way to create new points for the bank? This new way of
handling points doesn't seem to be working properly. When points gets
awarded or deducted by the rules, this should happen automatically, not wait
for each player to 'action' it.

The Kid

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> From: Dan Waldron [mailto:wald7330@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: 30 January 2001 08:18
> To: 'nomic-business'
> Subject: spoon-business: Bank Actions
> To satisfy outstanding debts, the bank transfers 45 points to poulenc.
> This satisfies:  Salaries and proposal debt to Poulenc from 
> nweek 10 and
> 11, plus salaries Banker(13), Banker(14); and P377/0, P381/0, P384/0,
> P385/1.  This will leave the bank with 15 points.
> The bank is experienceing a shortage of funds so nobody else will get
> paid until the bank gets some more points, unless they want 
> to force the
> issue with a motion for payment.
> The Tax collector should start collecting the overdue debts 
> that were due
> at the end of nweek 12 sometime soon.
> Joel, I think the bank could use a few hundred more points.  I would
> support any motion that increased the reserve I have to work 
> with here.
> That would mean that I can pay people what they desrve as well.
> Poulenc