Jeff Schroeder on 31 Jan 2001 23:31:46 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Bank Actions

Sorrry to write so late, I am currently 
moving to Boston and am writing this 
on a hotel webTV thing.  Iwould  not 
recommend it.

I did not realize that I had to actually 
restate the Bankers point totals inorder 
to complete the transfers of points 
between the bank/Player.  All 
outstanding debts owed to the Bank 
are ordered transferred.  Hopefully this 
will work

If anyone needs a roommate in Boston, 
let me know!  Iwill get a real computer 
on Monday.


> Quoth Dan Waldron:
> > > > To satisfy outstanding debts, 
the bank transfers 45 points to 
poulenc. > > This satisfies: Salaries 
and proposal debt to Poulenc from 
nweek 10 and > > 11, plus salaries 
Banker(13), Banker(14); and P377/0, 
P381/0, P384/0, > > P385/1. This will 
leave the bank with 15 points. > > > > 
The bank is experienceing a shortage 
of funds so nobody else will get > > 
paid until the bank gets some more 
points, unless they want to force the > 
> issue with a motion for payment. > > 
> > The Tax collector should start 
collecting the overdue
debts that were due > > at the end of 
nweek 12 sometime soon. > > > > 
Joel, I think the bank could use a few 
hundred more points. I would > > 
support any motion that increased the 
reserve I have to work with here. > > 
That would mean that I can pay people 
what they desrve as well. > > > > 
Poulenc > > Hmmm. Yeah, I agree that 
the Bank needs more funds as it 
currently stands. > As it is, our 
economy is sort of odd. The Bank is the 
only "employer", yet > no one "buys" 
much from the Bank. In such a 
situation, the Bank can't help
> but become impoverished---unless it 
has mint powers, which our Bank does. 
> So, to keep afloat, the Bank will take 
the inflationary step of issuing > more 
Points. Our current Rules and the 
traditional size relation among the > 
Awards forces us into a position of 
continually devaluing our currency. On 
> the other hand, we have an absolute 
goal, in the sense that the condition > 
for winning is not relative to the total 
quantity of Points in circulation, > 
which somewhat mitigates inflation. I'm 
not sure what to make of this---I'm > 
no economist---but because of the win 
there aren't any > real-world 
analogues. > > -- > J. > >