Dan Waldron on 30 Jan 2001 08:15:15 -0000

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spoon-business: Bank Actions

To satisfy outstanding debts, the bank transfers 45 points to poulenc.
This satisfies:  Salaries and proposal debt to Poulenc from nweek 10 and
11, plus salaries Banker(13), Banker(14); and P377/0, P381/0, P384/0,
P385/1.  This will leave the bank with 15 points.

The bank is experienceing a shortage of funds so nobody else will get
paid until the bank gets some more points, unless they want to force the
issue with a motion for payment.

The Tax collector should start collecting the overdue debts that were due
at the end of nweek 12 sometime soon.

Joel, I think the bank could use a few hundred more points.  I would
support any motion that increased the reserve I have to work with here.
That would mean that I can pay people what they desrve as well.