Joel Uckelman on Tue, 10 Aug 2004 21:17:25 -0500 (CDT)

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Re: [hosers-talk] Re: [hosers-announce] service interruption

Thus spake "Jon Stewart":
> Would it be possible to do some kind of mail redirection for the duration 
> of the service outage? I.e., is it possible, using DNS, to redirect mail 
> for to, e.g.,
> I would be happy to serve as a temporary mail POP server for the duration 
> of charybdis' downtime. I just don't know anything about how to do such a 
> thing, but I'm learning pretty fast these days.

Hmm. Here's the issue: The MX records are the ones which need to be available
in order to route mail. The MX records reside on the primary nameserver,
and the primary nameserver is charybdis. So we'd need to set up DNS on
your machine---but that woudln't be enough. Also I'd have to deal with the
people on Christmas Island to get their name records updated to recognize
your machine. But now we've run into the problem of having no way to predict
how soon after my request that the people will actually implement
it, and if I'm wrong we'll end up with far more downtime than we would have
by doing nothing. Hence, doing nothing and riding out next week seems like
it's the least bad of the bad alternatives.

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